Our Main Activities

We're proud to offer a range of fun and engaging activities for every child that attends Splash Camp. Whatever their preference, we have an activity that's right for them, and offer them them the chance to try something new as well. Find all of our main activities below, and feel free to enquire about what else we offer throughout Splash Camp.

Next Splash Camp dates:

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We provide the children with a group swim lesson every morning in the beautifully warm pool at Undershaw. Based on their swimming ability we divide the children into two groups to suit all needs with the maximum of 10 per lesson. With the beginners group we focus on the continuing learning of the fundamentals skills and with the more advanced group we focus on improving their technique. 

Group Swim Lessons



We practise skills with the children including passing, control, shooting and dribbling of the ball. We hold a penalty shoot out to allow the children the opportunity to score, followed by a group game for them all to enjoy. 

A fun, fast and thrilling game where we divide the children into two team with the aim of the game to eliminate the opposing team, this is always a favourite with the children. 

We teach the children how to correctly hold a bow and arrow and instruct them how to take aim and fire at the target aiming for a balls eye! This activity takes a little practise at the beginning but by the end everyone feels like Robin Hood.


Splash Time

Who doesn’t love just splashing around in a pool? I know we definitely do! Every afternoon the children get to jump back in the pool for some free time to play amongst each other along with various pool inflatables and sinkers. It’s so much fun!

And many more activities on offer!